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Orbis - 2x Albums - UK Drone N' Void

Dark / Drone Ambient hailing from the shores of the UK. Drowned in pitch black ice cold depressed darkness. Capturing true emotions of a barren desolate wasteland of a world drowned in darkness. My nightmare I present in a atmospheric sound-scape giving you the listener an extraordinary listening experience never heard before. Orbis is not just samples / re-sampling, but original recordings done with real gear and professional production.

Samples - https://soundcloud.com/orbis

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Included in this bundle -

Orbis - "The Unquestionable Chapters Of A World Forgotten" PRO-CD

Darkness Shade Records

First Album from UK Drone N' Void project Orbis.

The dust partials of ash blow in the wind like a sandstorm all that was left behind from the destruction of planet earth. Molecules settle building a new structure of dark grey waterless waste land. All life disappeared, just nothingness. All that can be heard is the noise that echo's out drowning you in darkness, my vision I present you!

Artwork by - Curtis Botham & exclusive extra track.

Sample #1 - https://soundcloud.com/orbis/orbis-the-unquestionable

Sample #2 - https://soundcloud.com/orbis/orbis-death-of-planet-earth

Sample #3 - https://soundcloud.com/orbis/orbis-tunnel-of-darkness-taken

Review - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1Ge6R2TXZI

Review - http://heathenharvest.org/2012/11/04/orbis-the-unquestionable-chapters-of-a-world-forgotten/

Review - http://www.aristocraziawebzine.blogspot.it/2012/10/orbis-unquestionable-chapters-of-world.html


Orbis - "Isolated Within The Darkness" Cassette

Darkness Shade Records

Third Album from UK Drone N' Void project Orbis.

A Classical piece of noise art, pure beauty which can only be found within my world of Drone N' Void.

Sample - https://soundcloud.com/orbis/orbis-isolated-within-the-darkness-taken-from-third-album

Review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydBN91ySpxk

Review - http://youtu.be/0hEywpcyfMw?t=18m39s


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